Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winging Over Baffin's last Sun

The view from the top is occassionally brillantly clear with horizon to horizon mountains, river valleys and all the rugged cold harsh reality you can take...... just a few weeks later a small plane went down a little south of here onto the ice near Cape Dorset. Both the pilot and passenger saved their lives but took some frost bite on their toes while standing for hours on thin moving ice waiting for rescue...... froozen bubbles left where their plane used to be. Stories everywhere if you get some memories of your own... Loves those cold memories!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Ice Lens for December 2008

As December starts the ice tides in the river push ice mountaines into the sky. Some like this ice ulu glitter like fine crystal christmas decorations all along the Sylvia Grinnell River, where the Falls used to be. Strangely, after I took this photo two caribou ran across the ice some 100 meters down stream leaving Iqaluit behind them. Glimpse of memories sometimes are better than the long look.

Only minus 35 this day with the breeze.... The ice under our feet is crystal clean and really looks like captured time or some witch's dream.

Sunset at 2PM...... early afternoon memories move all too quickly into future nights.
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Walrus On The Beach

So don't like the unbearable likeness of Bear Head Soup? Try Walrus. Yep this was a Walrus. There are miles of guts to enjoy and all the blubber you'd ever want to render. There is surprisingly little meat. There is not, surprisingly, an under powering smell.... it doesn't go away even when the meat's in your mouth either.

This walrus mom and calf took a wrong turn and stayed too long to enjoy the view in a nothern community this Fall. Only the two legged tourists aren't eaten around here!

A visual image for memory lane...... with a hint of olfactory nightmare. But take just a taste, so you can say you were there!

A memory that can't fade.
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Bear Head Soup


Anyone for polar bear head soup? Nice with fur removed and teeth left in, for that extra bite!

So if you find yourself with only the head left after a really good polar bear hunting party, take the time to enjoy the extra value of the good nutrition stored in well boiled or roasted smiles and growls.

But traditionally fokes there is nothing wasted!
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