Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Running Memory

Breath taking race over Frobisere Bay. Three hours to hitch up. Three hours of screaming "Down!". Three hours of pulling the pack fights apart...... then its all worth it ... for three hours of a bone jarring, eye freezing run around Iqaluit Inlet. "Mushers" are a different breed.

Twenty eight legs of working memory. Thirty seconds and then gone!!!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Gathering

Every morning we have an informal gathering. Just a drop-in or wall flower presence. We get a coffee. Gather a few table scrapes. Bread, seal fat cut beak size or a treat of frozen char. Pop the window. Let the explosion of steam pass. Drop the scrapes on the well worn landing strip. Move to the living room and enjoy. Joanisee, Pauloosie, Uki and George crash in to the gathering. They are the party pleasers. Loud, songful and what stories, from all over the community! The very soul of fast food. These guys only slow down to pump up their chests and look proud.

Fluffy joins the gathering in her quiet way. Sometimes a high-five on her window. Mostly just a long hard stare.

Well with the last sip of kapik and push of wings the morning journey has begun. Sometimes Ukki stays. Poking in the snow for a crum. Looking that sideways look. "Maybe an extra special bit for Ukki?"..... there usually is. Then we are all off. Into a frosty January. Except for Fluffy. Fluffy is a window cat.
Happy New Year...... crumbs for breakfast and gatherings for the soul! Winged memories are too quick morning memories.