Saturday, August 23, 2008

Night is Back at Night in Iqaluit...hmmm What?

So as day shorterns night grows deeper. Iqaluit turns it's lights on..... Down Town glows again.
Just a light switch Memory.

So summer is brief but as winter night returns twilight sunsets can last and last. You deffinately don't have to rush to catch these photos when sunset can last for 3 hours. The sun catches the houses as they hover above the perma frost on their foundation. Then the helter skelter hydro poles lean and add that crazy verticle horizon look to the sky line. A fine memory.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This little fur coat was checking out the tourist hikers. Followed us for many footsteps and kept posing for pictures. The Pang Pass is filled with magic momments. If it's not cloud swewpt mountain peaks it's wind walls and glacier hydrants that fill working memory to its brim.
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Moon Rise Iqaluit

Remember that huge moon? The one that you were sure was larger than the whole world? It filled our imagination and it dwarfed the mountains. It was so big that we could see each other's smile and a white reflection in your eyes. However big we thought we knew it somehow kept our eyes wide till it rose into relativeless sky and grew small. Moon rise one night that I remember.
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Arctic Flowers ..... not a Paradox.

July brings flowers to the Arctic. You'd think that the flowers would come and go in an instant but with never ending days and slow flying bumble bees the flowers stick around for weeks. Brilliant whites keep you looking for snow clouds. It'll snow too...

Where's that fuzz faced Tirngia dropping in for a quick check out.... then was gone. Trying to see what I was taking pics of.

Times are good when lemmings are fat! A simple truth.

A growing memory.

Summer is Leaving Us! But the Lights are Coming...

The long sunsets of the Arctic are beautiful, cool and stark. They illuminate the long hills into horizon. Sun slowly boils into the night. Your shadow runs away from you all the way across the fjord to the ice scalped hills. Then the northern lights begin their dance.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hard Ice from where?

Hard Ice came into the Bay and spent days scultping, melting, and twisting in the wind. Hard ice is multi year ice that is really big and incredibly green or blue....... this should have been green as it blew over from Green Land. The Bay and river tidal shore was like a modern art side walk sale. I have some incredible pics.
Some say this blue ice blew in from Green Land... and ya know sometimes...
it did look green.

I went fishing last evening and because it was very very calm you could hear the popping and crashing as the bergs melted and fell.

We had a great fire with scavenged wood and then burnt supper. We regretted the missed fish.... Saw some stars break through the long day BUT in that few dark hours the first Aurora B came and went in a tall opening in the night sky.... no real night yet as the sun stays just below the horizon. 230 AM is morning time!!

Blue Icy Memories

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fish of the day. Char, Char and more Arctic Char. Luckily it fights, taste good and is very
plentiful. So how do you like your Char, Smoked, Fried, Poached or on 'On Ice'?

Me? Well shushi is nice with a crunchee veggie and sticky rice. But over all and quick...
I like quick fried in spice... over easy.

A wrap in tin foil by the river has been good too. Let the coals turn white and season to taste. Open, peel from the bones and enjoy steaming hot.

Tasty Memory today.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Ice returned to Fobisher Bay. Makes for a very screwed up harbour but great photos. Mix a little sun into the morning bergs and wow does the ice come alive! It was easy to get lost in the high tide sculptures. Easily a 100 pics of water and wind shaped winter ice. Just standing still the falling rain from the bergs gave a rythme to the rising tide waves.
So much to do. So little working memory!
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Look Sculptures for free! Catchem Quick!

Windo on a Morning After, when the wind and fog blew in the sea ice. But boy can the wind and sea make art glow. But like any memory what the sun illuminates, time melts away.
Great Momments Gone Already!
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Memories Start with a Single Consciousness

Ok So I screwed up the registration and I am gonna have to tell some one. But now to start again. I gotta put my last year memories into chapters, tales and adventures. Right or jus write? Go! Ati! Hal-as! Shnell! Before you forget!